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28 mei 2023 om 6:17 Pizza was good and sfogliatelle lemon was amazing. Fast delivery and warm pizza. Thank you
20 mei 2023 om 10:06 Great pizza! Was delivered very fast (although I live around the corner).
14 mei 2023 om 7:17 Delicious, arrived hot. Faster delivery
23 apr 2023 om 20:25 This restaurant used to be amazing, but this was my last try to order here. I would not mind the long waiting time if pizza still has the same taste and quality like before but thats not the case. Pizza was fully burned after 70 min waiting and cold
14 apr 2023 om 22:21 Ordered at 8:35, arrived at 9:57, and we had to re-heat in the oven ourselves. Really disappointing.
9 apr 2023 om 8:09 Duurde erg lang en de pizza was koud. De pizza zelf was best wel lekker maar is gewoon erg jammer.
31 mrt 2023 om 21:19 1,5 hour waiting. Cold pizza, sloppy pizza, empty pizza. Terrible overall experience. I would not recommend.
31 mrt 2023 om 17:46 The pizza was really nice. Could taste that the dough was homemade.
22 mrt 2023 om 20:32 Fantaaaaastico
18 mrt 2023 om 20:39 Altijd lekker. Alleen koud dit keer.
4 mrt 2023 om 23:38 Fast delivery, smoking hot, thin base and crispy crust (not oily or watery), and magic on top. Pizza bufala salame e carciofi, un vero vincitore. I had my best pizza ever today, grazie.